A Guide to Help You Buy a Bookcase

Every home should have at least one bookcase to showcase everything from books to rare art collections. If you’re shopping for your first bookcase or need an extra one for your ever-growing book collections, then you should read this guide. You’re likely to get into trouble deciding which bookcase is the best fit for you, going by the vast number of options out there. Keep an eye on the following before deciding to buy a bookcase.

How big should your bookcase be?

Size is the most basic and the first consideration to make when buying any piece of furniture. First, how big is the room you want to put it in? If you’re working with plenty of space, you can go for an extensive bookcase measuring several feet.

What styles suit you?

Whether you want a bookcase with a few shelves to display some of your decorative items, or you want to jumpstart a little home library, there are several bookcase styles to choose from. They include corner, standard, scaffold, cube, and ladder or leaning bookcases.

Form vs. function

A bookcase does more than just holding your book collection. In reality, classic and modern style bookcases are becoming excellent decorative pieces. Some antique ones even cost large sums of money. Therefore, you should look for a case that stores a reasonable number of books and still looks suitable for the room it sits in.

Extra storage

Since bookcases aren’t meant for holding books only, it’s necessary you think of a piece that can hold other items in your home. Those working with even smaller spaces can go for bookcases that function as end tables as well.

A built-in or standalone bookcase?

Bookcases are mostly available either in built-in or standalone shelving. Standalone pieces are your ordinary bookcases sitting in a corner or along a wall. On the other hand, built-in bookcases work best for homeowners working with small spaces or those who want to reorganize their rooms. Built-in cases can either be hanging out or recessed into the wall.

Think about materials

Bookcases are available in a handful of materials, from metal to solid hardwood. LikeType01 and Type02 Tylko’s bookcases, plywood and wood veneer cases are the most common and most affordable: https://tylko.com/shelves/bookcase/. The material you pick will count on the style you want in your home.

Whatever furniture you buy for your home should go with your interior décor. It should also serve the function it’s meant for.

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